A Summer Message from the Minister

We are now half way through the year; a time to look both backwards and forwards.

In looking BACKWARDS, a few highlights come to mind:

… the smiling faces of the Brownies and Sparks who attended our Worship Service after their ‘sleepover’ here at the church,

… the week night Bible Studies together with Presteign-Woodbine U.C.,

… the enchanting sounds from the Musical Evening together with the Liberty Seventh Day Adventist and Gospel of Love churches, and

…the May High Tea presented by CATS, Community Art Time Studio.

In looking FORWARDS, I know there are more cooperative ventures and adventures in the works.  There is an exciting roster of fall activities such as a Lawn Sale, the dedication of our new organ on October 6th and the usual upcoming Advent / Christmas festivities and special services.

And NOW, during this ordinary in-between time, perhaps this is the time to sit back and take inventory of our lives; both personally and as a community of faith.  We might take stock of the abundance of our lives and not only bask in the sunlight of these long summer days, but also soak up and be reminded of the presence of our loving, compassionate, merciful God.

Please note that Cosburn will remain open throughout July and August with Worship Services continuing at 11:00am. 

May God bless us and keep us safe during the sunny season ahead.

Rev. Linda